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Logo Umbrellas

Companies strive to withstand the elements, and their promotional products should, too. Take logo umbrellas for example. They’re popular items for giving away and exposing your brand or logo by printing on the large panels available on the many various styles. Personalized umbrellas are great for rain or shine and with proper customization can stand out in a crowd. Umbrellas are increasingly popular as they are not only functional but considered a very high perceived value item by the recipient. The fact is, with custom umbrellas you can make a stronger marketing impact because of the large and very visible imprint space.

The best quality umbrellas, made to last!

For most recipients of customized umbrellas, the items qualify as either a sporting good (a true golf umbrella) a personal item (a folding umbrella) or a business necessity ( a Patio, Market or Beach Umbrella ). Different types of umbrellas are desirable in terms of what defines a valuable product, but for companies for whom the golf course is an extension of the board room, offering the former can be a smart business move. Unlike many products, well-constructed golf umbrellas are considered non-expendable, promoting your company’s logo or brand on the golf course year after year. Choose from a vented or non-vented style, a wood or fiberglass shaft, branded or non-branded. Whatever your preference is, My Logo Imprinted can meet your needs.

Imprinted Umbrellas come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose from

  • Printed Golf Umbrellas
  • Custom Beach Umbrellas
  • Personalized Patio Umbrellas
  • Imprinted Market Umbrellas
  • Logo Folding Umbrellas

Prices range from 5.00ea to 60.00ea, depending on the type and quality of logo umbrella you desire. You can select from brands such as Nike, Totes, Slazenger, Callaway, or Balmain. The majority of our personalized umbrellas can be produced and shipped in 5 working days or less.

Take some time to discover our great selection of umbrellas at wholesale prices just waiting for your brand exposure. May our selection of logoed umbrellas rain down on you. What are you waiting for? See our large selection today and purchase the one that fits your needs! You will not be disappointed!