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Custom Fleece Jackets

It’s never been easier to buy custom printed fleece jackets! At My Logo Imprinted, you can order all kinds of apparel, from promotional fleece jackets and active wear to shirts and outerwear and have them customized with your choice of text or a logo. You can even have balloons, banners, backpacks, blankets and coffee mugs emblazoned with your custom logo or message at My Logo Imprinted. This is a great way to have promotional products made in order to advertise for your company, group, or a cause that you find important. You can even have these custom items made with a memorable photo or quote in order for you and your loved ones to commemorate an important time in your lives. My Logo Imprinted is the ultimate one stop shop for customizable items.

Made of the best materials to provide unmatched quality!

Our fleece jackets are made of the most comfortable and warm micro fleece you will find and the quality is impeccable. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from. From quarter zip to full zip and hooded or without a hood, there is endless variety when it comes to custom fleece jackets at My Logo Imprinted. Feel like experimenting with color? We offer every shade of fleece jacket under the sun, from carnation pink to citron green. Satisfy any person’s taste or interest!

Personalized fleece jackets,

If you need a product fast, you've come to the right place. My Logo Imprinted is the number one customization service for fast production. We pride ourselves in getting the product out to our customers as quickly as possible. The production times at My Logo Imprinted are outstanding, so you won’t have to worry about being left hanging with a deadline for an event. Trust My Logo Imprinted’s fast turn around times to help you ensure that the job gets done efficiently, quickly, and, most importantly of all, with excellence.

Now comes the fun part: customization! At My Logo Imprinted, we can customize your fleece jacket in a variety of ways using a large range of methods, from embroidery to laser printing. This range of methods allows you to pick the best option for your own promotional clothing needs. For some designs, embroidery is the best way to give a durable and more permanent customization for your fleece jacket or other kind of clothing item. It allows you to put a piece of text or a simple design onto a piece of clothing without fear of it wearing away and without any kind of fading.

On the other hand, for some designs, laser printing is the only way to go. Logos or pictures that have beautiful colors, fascinating graphics, or intriguing details that should not be missed definitely benefit from this method of personalization. Fleece Jackets with laser printed logos on them allow you to fully express the complexity and beauty of a design and make an even bigger statement with your promotional item.

Whether you choose to purchase embroidered jackets or printed fleece jackets, the price is the same for any method of customization. My Logo Imprinted is proud to be able to provide you with excellent customized items that fit your needs exactly, without overcharging you for it. So don’t wait—order your customized fleece jacket today and make yourself a truly one-of-a-kind piece of clothing!